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    May 21, 2002!

    Oregon Primary!

    Nationally recognized Citizens For A Better America® announces it’s “GOOD GUYS LIST” ™,
    for the May 21, 2002 Primary Election in Oregon.
    [Complete contact information can be found further down this page.]

    OR Jeffery L. Pollock 1WithdrawnCandidate for U.S. Representative District 03
    1 All candidates upon endorsement are given the resources we provide under our Basic Endorsement Program™.

    Watch the election or get results. "State Election Sites"

    PLEASE NOTE: This page is time sensitive election material,
    as a result contact information may no longer be current after this election.

    OR Jeffery L. Pollock

    Withdrawn - March 15, 2002

    Candidate for:

    United States House of Representatives District #3
    Please Release My Contact Information: Yes
    Mailing address:
    P.O. Box 30539
    Portland, OR 97294-3539
    E-mail me at: team-pollock@ciusa.net

    Visit my Internet Web Site at: http://www.pollock4congress.com

    I reside in the County of: Multnomah
    Phone: (503) 255-4915
    Fax: (503) 257-1874

    Endorsed on: 06-27-2001 for the 05-21-2002 Primary Election

    Program: Basic Endorsement Program™. All candidates upon endorsement are given the resources we provide under our Basic Endorsement Program™. A candidate may decide to upgrade to a different program at anytime so check here for updates. The program a candidate chooses does not affect our decision to endorse or not endorse a candidate.

    Why are you running for this office?

    I have a job to complete, and a journey to embark upon – Election to U.S. Congress.

    Last election, I made the decision to run for Congress, and I offered a message that is still today considered unique. I entered the race at a late date, with a limited budget, yet the voters in Oregon's 3rd Congressional District stood up and took notice. Crossing traditional Party lines on many issues, I was able to reach out to those who normally would have voted a straight “Democrat” ballot. People became aware that I began my life’s work not in the State House, but by working my way up to Journeyman level in 3 separate Union trades. People also discovered that I've been a community leader and small-business owner for almost 20 years - creating jobs, balancing budgets, and providing living-wage incomes for my staff and their families. People soon realized that it was my real life experiences that qualified me for this job, not a laundry list of elected offices.

    I received absolutely no support from my own Party during the last race, and I took no money from the D.C. fat-cats or special interest groups. Instead, my wife and I spent almost $100,000 of our own money. We're not wealthy, and people soon understood just how committed I was. The amount the incumbent spent out of his pocket, $0.

    Entering that race with low name identity, I watched my Party wilt at the thought of contesting an incumbent. Why? Was it because he had done such a good job in Congress, or had they simply looked at the numbers and given up? After a little research, I realized that my Party had simply given up, and that motivated me even further.

    Our current U.S. Representative has not been a good Congressman. He continues to push Light Rail in our neighborhoods, even though the businesses and neighborhoods where it will run don’t want it. He voted to permanently normalize trade relations with Communist China (PNTR). This was a vote totally anathema to my position, and one which is now proving to be a bad decision on his part. The Chinese government is behaving with more hostility than ever since he voted for PNTR, and have elevated their reputation as the “bully of Asia” to new heights. Since the U.S. no longer has any leverage with Communist China, they have increased their human rights violations, their arms deals to our enemies, and their threats against our friends. As a way of thanking the U.S. for PNTR, a Communist Chinese General has openly threatened to “nuke” Los Angeles if we interfere with their Taiwan policy. This is the same Chinese General who was in charge of the 24 American flight crew members who were illegally held hostage when our EP-3E reconnaissance plane was downed by a Chinese F-8 fighter jet while flying over international waters in April of 2001.

    Our current Congressman gave new meaning to the term “waffling” as he changed positions he held closely when previously running unopposed. His own voting record shows that:

    * He voted against our farmers 83% of the time

    * He voted against small-business 85% of the time

    * He voted against private property rights 91% of the time

    He was so arrogant during his Campaign last year, he felt absolutely no responsibility to the people to defend his record and debate any of his 4 challengers. Feeling that he had the “safest seat” in Congress, he devoted almost half of each 30 second Campaign radio advertisement to bashing State Ballot Measure 7. Ballot Measure 7 called for compensating private property owners for damage done by government. (The radio ad's were pulled mysteriously after someone pointed out that perhaps he was in violation of FEC regulations by purchasing air time at Federal Candidate rates, and espousing State level issues.) Oregonians overwhelmingly voted Ballot Measure 7 into law. However, it's now embroiled in a heated court challenge, with our current Congressman fanning the flames, once again disregarding the will of the people.

    As an elected official on the Portland City Council and as a Multnomah County Commissioner, he sat by and watched major corporations AND the City of Portland severally pollute the Willamette River, yet did nothing to hold them accountable. Instead, he’s left all of us with the financial burden of a taxpayer financed “Super-Fund” cleanup.

    When I think about our current Congressman, I think about broken promises. I think about promises made to uphold the Constitution; I think about career politicians breaking promises and going on a spending binge to keep their cushy jobs... with our money! Money that could be used for family medical bills, children's clothing, repair bills, a car, and rent or mortgage payments. Money for increased (and soon to get much worse) energy costs. Money earned by the sweat of our brow. Money for our future and our family's future. Speaking of families, our current Congressman voted for the 6th time in a row on 3/29/01 against even a reduction in the “Marriage Penalty Tax,” let alone a full repeal. He's not married, why should he care? More tax dollars to spend……………..

    I then continue thinking about career politicians, who see us a meal ticket to reelection. To them, we're hard-working dupes who fork over paycheck after paycheck to keep them enthroned far above the faceless taxpayers they command. In short, our current Congressman has failed us in Congress. I’m a believer in our system. I believe that the people can and will replace a bad Representative, no matter what the so-called “experts” say.

    While it may not be fashionable to talk about the Constitution, one of my favorite sections of that Document is the 10th Amendment. When I read it, I get the distinct feeling that the Founding Fathers were adamant about limiting the role of the Federal Government in our lives. They were not telling us what we can do, but rather what the Federal Government cannot do. As a United States Congressman, I will take an oath to uphold the Constitution, and I'll protect our rights by ensuring that we abide by that Document, established for ‘We The People.’

    My Campaign’s motto is:

    “It Takes Leaders With Vision,
    To Help People With Dreams”


    “It Takes Leaders With Courage,
    To Represent The People”

    I believe, as Thomas Jefferson believed when he wrote, “Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

    I hold fast to the concept that government's job is not to make our dreams come true, rather government's job is to reduce the number of obstacles in our way so that we can make our dreams come true. There is no doubt that government has a vital function. But there's a big difference between believing government is the solution, versus believing government should eliminate barriers to our success. As a United States Congressman I will work to eliminate barriers.

    As A United States Congressman I Will Demonstrate The Courage To:

    Be a leader who will fight to return as much power, money, and decision making back to the people. Our elected officials must fight for a smaller, fairer, more efficient government.

    Be a leader who will never forget that, Tax Dollars Come From The Paychecks Of Hard Working Americans.

    Be a leader who will fight to turn the heavy hand of Government into the helping hand of Government.

    Be a leader who will introduce bold, meaningful legislation that will positively affect all Americans; listening to all, and pandering to none.

    Be a leader who’s willing to cross Party lines and fight for what is best for America, and not the fat-cats in Washington D.C. Each and every Bill should represent ‘We The People.’

    Be a leader who will fight for our Seniors by protecting the Social Security trust fund, and insuring its solvency for generations to come.

    Be a leader who will fight for living wage jobs, small business’s, family farms, and private property rights, and especially our families, our children and traditional moral values.

    Be a leader who will fight to reform our tax system, restructure our education system, and rebuild our military.

    Be a leader capable of restoring honor and integrity back to the political process.

    Here's how I view my challenge: I need to expose our current Congressman for what he is, a nice man with a lousy voting record. He's selling Oregon’s 3rd District and America down the drain. I’m picking up where I left off last election and will continue to earn trust and votes by demonstrating that I can and will do a better job for us in Congress. When I accomplish these two things, we can finally bring true representation back to Oregon's 3rd District. If I fail, we'll get more Light Rail, and our current Congressman will continue to help Communist China instead of those who hired him.

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    Nov. 7, 2000 General Election - "Good Guys List"™

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