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    June 5, 2001

    Michigan Special Election!

    Nationally recognized Citizens For A Better America® announces it’s “GOOD GUYS LIST” ™,
    for the June 5, 2001Special Election in Michigan.
    [Complete contact information can be found further down this page.]

    MI Robert W. Mendham 1 Candidate for Michigan State Representative, District 86.
    1 At this time, this candidate has opted to only use the resources we provide under our Basic Endorsement Program™.

    PLEASE NOTE: This page is time sensitive election material,
    as a result contact information may no longer be current after this election.

    MI Robert W. Mendham Candidate for Michigan State Representative, District 86.
    Mailing address:
    12810 Isle Royale Drive
    Dewitt, MI 48820
    E-mail me at: mendhamr@worldnet.att.net
    Visit my Internet Web Site at: N/A
    I reside in the County of: Clinton
    Phone: (517) 669-0133
    Fax: (517) 669-0133
    Please Release My Contact Information: Yes
    Endorsed on: 05-21-2001 for the 06-05-2001 Special Election

    Program: At this time this candidate has opted to only use the resources we provide under our Basic Program. The program a candidate chooses does not affect our decision to endorse or not endorse a candidate.
    Why are you running for this office?

    First, I am a public servant, not a politician. I began my career in public service in 1976, working for the Troy, Michigan police department. In 1977 I left the Troy Police Department and went to work for the Pontiac, Michigan police department. All during this time I had my sights set on becoming a state trooper. In 1978 I successfully interviewed and was selected for the Michigan State Police basic recruit training school. I graduated in the top 1% of my class after a grueling four month aining academy. I spent seven years working as a uniformed trooper, and was then selected for a detective trooper position, assigned to an undercover drug enforcement team in metro Detroit. After three years working undercover, I was promoted to sergeant and reassigned to a rural post in Northern Michigan.

    While in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula, I was active in my community, participating in and assisting to develop a community wide team of volunteers from Community Mental Health, city, county, and state law enforcement agencies, fire service and ambulance personnel. This volunteer team was put in place to respond to the scene of any major disaster to assist the public service personnel in dealing with the emotional impact of our extremely stressful profession. This team still operates today and is very effective.

    I was also instrumental in recruiting and obtaining training for 22 volunteers to create a volunteer fire department for our community. Until this time, we relied entirely on surrounding communities for fire protection. As our community grew, we knew that we had to take action to provide better protection. We obtained almost all of our equipment and even built a fire station with donations from the community.

    I am interested in this state representative seat because I am a true, dedicated, public servant. I was forced to retire from the Michigan State Police after being seriously injured in an accident. I was no longer able to perform as an enlisted officer without jeopardizing the safety of my fellow officers, so I reluctantly accepted a medical retirement.

    For the past 25 years of my life, I willingly put my life on the line every day because I love my state and I wanted to serve. Now, I believe that even though I was forced to step out of one position that allowed me to serve my community, this election is an opportunity for me to continue serving in another capacity.

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