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    Candidate Questionnaire's
    and Ranking's
    For the
    June 6, 2006
    California Primary Elections

    Below you will find the names and rankings of the 13
    candidates who completed and returned our
    "CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire's"™.

    Click on their names below to see their completed Questionnaire's.

    Additional Links:
    (CFABA.ORG) announces its Candidate Rankings.
    June 6, 2006 CA Primary Election - Proposition Recommendations
    CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire's and Ranking's ™ -Main Page

    John Beckman 94.872% County Supervisor
    San Joaquin
    Diane A Lenning 94.872% State Superintendent
    of Public Instruction.
    Bill Daniel 92.308% Republican Central Committee
    District 76
    Robert C Newman II 82.051% Governor (R)
    Nancy Knight 74.359% California Assembly
    District 66
    Rich Belitz 71.795% California Assembly
    District 77
    Randolph Martin Hammock 71.795% Los Angeles Superior Court,
    Office No. 144
    Leland Faegre 66.667% U.S. Representative,
    District 32
    Kelley L Ross 53.846% U.S. Representative,
    District 28
    Howard Johnson 51.282% U.S. Representative,
    District 5
    Karen Marie Otter 41.026% U.S. Representative,
    District 52
    Pamela Elizondo 38.462%   U.S. Representative,
    District 1
    John C Reiger 35.897% U.S. Representative,
    District 5
    Party: NP= Non Partisian Race; (D) = Democrat; (G) = Green;
    (L) = Libertarian; (P) = Peace and Freedom; (R) = Republican;

    Ranking: The ranking shows how candidates stacked up to our endorsement standards. 100% means they agreed with us 100% on all 39 questions we asked in our questionnaire.

    Candidates with 100% are the only ones that can move forward in our endorsement process. While there are more steps to our endorsement process this is the first and biggest step. A score of less then 100% means that we disagreed on one or more questions and we can not endorse the candidate. See the attached, Letter to (Candidate Name) - Re: No Endorsement, for a list of questions that were inconsistent with our endorsement standards.

    The instructions and FAQ's used in this cycle can be found at Archived Copy - CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire™ Introduction and Instructions for the Jun. 6, 2006 Election

    Endorsements: Completing our "CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire's"™ is the first step in our endorsement process. Candidates who receive 100% are sent our Background Check Form™, after we get that back they are sent a form authorizing us to say nice things about them. Only after reciving both these forms back signed properly will we endorse a candidate.

    Endorsed candidates appear on the Good Guys List™ on our website and in a news release announcing our endorsements which is e-mailed to our "Commentaries And News Releases List"™.

    We have endorsed candidates as late as the day before an election so check back often to see if there are any updates. We have very high endorsement standards, that is why we can say with confidence...

    voteVote For
    On Our
    "Good Guys List"™

    Candidate Lists: Candidates with e-mail addresses on the following list were sent "CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire's" ™. The following California counties and state website had email addresses on their lists:

    01. Los Angeles County - 486 questionnaires emailed.
    http://rrcc.co.la.ca .us/elect/candlist/1275cand/1275_candidate.htm
    Our Archived Copy

    02. Monterey County - 32 questionnaires emailed.
    Our Archived Copy

    03. San Bernardino County - 13 questionnaires emailed.

    Our Archived Copy.

    04. San Diego County - 288 questionnaires emailed.
    Our Archived Copy.

    05. San Joaquin County - 106 questionnaires emailed.
    Our Archived Copy

    06. San Mateo County - 68 questionnaires emailed.
    Our Archived Copy

    07. Shasta County - 24 questionnaires emailed.

    Our Archived Copy

    08. Siskiyou County - 25 questionnaires emailed.
    Our Archived Copy

    09. Ventura County - 67 questionnaires emailed.
    Our Archived Copy

    10. State of California where all candidates for state or federal office are listed - 431 questionnaires emailed.

    Our Archived Copy

    Also, see our News Release: 05/22/2006 (CFABA.ORG) completes emailing out questionnaire.

    Party/Office: It was requested that we add Party and Office information so it would be easier to find Candidates on primary ballots, so we now request that information on the questionnaire but it is optional.

    More: For more information about our endorsement process see CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire™ Introduction and Instructions. which has the FAQ's about the process in more detail. For a sample of our BACKGROUND CHECK FORM™ see (sample from 2004).

    * Please Note: These pages contain time sensitive
    election materials, as a result contact information may
    no longer be current after the election.

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